Why Choose Bridges?


Small Class Sizes

Research supports that students learn more in smaller groups where the teacher can have one on one time with the students. Bridges caps our classes at 18 to ensure the most productive learning environment possible. Bridges applies the respected Iowa Test results to support individual needs. Every Second Grade student and up is tested annually so that the teaching staff can customize a learning plan for each student to advance in all academic disciplines from year to year. Bridges’ students annually score and rank in the top tier nationally.


Reading to an Individual Student's Grade Level

Reading ability is a significant predictor of performance and success.

Diverse Student Body

Our student body is diverse to represent the real world and give children the opportunity to learn from each other’s ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.



The school is equipped with state of the art technology for all grade levels to use. There is a full computer lab for training and iPads that are used by all grades and classes for learning.


Science & Math

Providing a strong science and math program is in the forefront of Bridges. We offer innovative programs to excite students to learn. A robotics lab is high on the agenda at Bridges. Each spring we will hold a science fair for all grades to participate. We will also offer an after school Math Olympiad program.


Character Development

Bridges offers a unique opportunity for students to grow spiritually through starting each day in a character development program that recognizes acts of kindness and consideration.

Public Speaking

Each student is encouraged and given the opportunity from Nursery school on to stand up and speak in front of their class and the entire school. A signature trait of a Bridges Academy student is their self-confidence and ability to speak to any person at any age and before any audience.

Art, Music, Drama

Bridges offers a variety of programs in fine arts, music and drama. Each student has many opportunities throughout the year to participate and perform in concerts, plays and art shows.


International Program

Bridges believes our students need to prepare to compete in a global economy. We enrich our students’ education with world studies including International days, field trips and seeking out partnerships with international schools. We have plans in the future to expand our program and scope to give our students an even wider exposure to different cultures and languages.




Bridges benefits from having a large greenhouse on the school grounds. It is an organic, environmentally-friendly, dirt-under-the-fingernails space where students have the unique opportunity to visit and work the gardens as part of their classroom lessons and in after school activities.

Good Day,
Today, our ECC students learned of different seeds and nuts. They used the senses of touch, sight and smell to observe and compare seed characteristics.

The following were used:
Cashew in shell, Macadamia in shell, Sapodilla (zapote) fruit seed, Avocado pit, Star anise, Multi-colored popcorn kernels, and Cacao seeds.

Lively and engaged discussion took place around the lesson.

A potato that has grown roots, leaves and stems was also the center of our attention. Most children could not recognize the potato in this form which made for a fun guessing game. We also planted some potatoes that were harvested from our courtyard early in September.

Next, students planted seeds that will germinate and grow in our greenhouse.
Seeds planted include:
Mixed kale, Lettuce, Colorful Beets, Parsley, Alexandria Strawberries, and Spinach.

These lessons will be woven into future greenhouse and courtyard projects.
— Corinne Smith, Greenhouse Instructor