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Our graduates are more than prepared to begin to assume the leadership roles in the fields of their pursuits, and very importantly, they are happy, and filled with moral character and confidence upon commencement. Here are some testimonials.



High School Placement

Blair Academy
Chaminade High School
Friends Academy
Kellenberg Memorial High School
Long Island Lutheran High School
Our Lady of Mercy Academy
Regis High School
St. Anthony’s High School
St. Dominic High School
St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School
The Stony Brook School
Many Students also attend their District High School

College Acceptances & Placement

Binghamton University
Clark University
College of William & Mary
Connecticut College
Cornell University
Fairfield University
Farmingdale State College
Fordham University
Franklin University, Switzerland
High Point University
Hofstra University
Ithaca College
John Jay College
Long Island University
Marist College
Mills College
Muhlenberg College
Northeastern University
Pace University
Pennsylvania State University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

College Acceptances & Placement

Roger Williams University
Sacred Heart University
Seton Hall University
Siena College
St. John’s University
Stony Brook University
Stevens Institute of Technology
SUNY Maritime
Syracuse University
The Webb Institute
University of Alabama
University of Albany
University of Connecticut
University of Miami
University of New Haven
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Rhode Island
University of San Diego
University of Tampa
University of Vermont
Villanova University
Yale University



Garrison Thweatt


“St. Peter’s, now The Bridges Academy, prepared me for high school in numerous ways. The material learned in this school was accelerated. When I began St. Johns as a freshman, the curriculum was already known to me from the work done at this school. Also the rules, disciplines, and codes of conduct such as the uniforms prepared me for a catholic high school. My future plans consist of majoring in business management.”

Daniela Roberto


“St. Peters, now The Bridges Academy, prepared me by giving me the foundation and ability to succeed in my scholastic achievements as well as providing a nurturing and friendly environment to develop my skills. My current plans of future study are to go to college and continue to pursue my education.”

Dannick Kenon


“St. Peters, now The Bridges Academy, has prepared me for high school in so many ways; I learned how to develop good study habits and the small class sizes made it possible for me to receive individual attention. Each teacher did their best to make sure that I understood all subjects being taught and I enjoyed the basketball and soccer activities that we participated in. I will always cherish the time I spent at this school. It is my dream, to one day become a civil lawyer.”

Rosanne Nelan


“St. Peters, now The Bridges Academy, developed my character, started my academic career and my love of learning. This school excels in individual attention and close relationships with teachers and students. Everyone can benefit from this school because of the personalized class room experience. I’m very excited for the starting of Bridges Academy and love this beautiful new campus. Coming to this school won’t make you just another student, but rather make you a member of a big happy family! I’m so grateful to St. Peters, now the Bridges Academy, for all the wonderful memories I have and the advantage it has given me in high school. I’m sure this school will lead many children to success and I wish the best of luck to its future and want to thank everyone here for making childhood wonderful and my future bright. I love t his school and I’m sure you will to! Now at St. Anthony’s High School, I am maintaining a 95 average and I am involved in many extracurricular activities including basketball, soccer, Recycle our Cans Club, Helping Hands Club, and the Black and Gold Gala Committee. In the future, I plan to be a lawyer and my foundation at this school will help me achieve this goal.”

Nicholas Racioppi


“I believe St. Peters, now The Bridges Academy, prepared me for high school better than any school in my neighborhood. The education I received in my younger years has made the experience in High School easier. The small classroom size was what I feel made a very big difference and that the teachers were able to give me and all my classmates the attention we needed to succeed academically. I feel that because my younger years were filled with so much kindness and attention is has better prepared me for High School. I think if you are considering sending your son or daughter here you will be very happy. I would like to attend West Point Academy when I graduate. I’m sure the academic discipline, the pursuit for excellence, and high expectations that were expected of me at this school will have helped me where ever life takes me.”

Faris Shikara


“The only reason I have become so interested in learning itself, is because of the teachers and environment at The Bridges Academy. Now at Friends Academy, I have been applying a heavy focus upon the studies of every subject possible, such as artistic composition, mathematic, and language arts, foreign and native. Now, if that seems cliché, that’s because it is, but it is still true; and after spending so many incredible years at this school, I have learned that it comes with a slight disclaimer…One does not simply learn while attending The Bridges Academy, they themselves are inspired to learn. As such, they are expected to aspire to greatness, and I have yet to see a single student fail to do so."

William Skarka


“I attended St. Peters, now The Bridges Academy, from Kindergarten thru 8th Grade. I will always miss that warm, caring feeling welcoming me every day by the teachers and staff. The people I’ve met, the friendships I have made, I will cherish forever. I am proud of what I have accomplished at this school, and I am confident that they have prepared me well for my future school endeavors. I am thankful for the memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Michael Rainone


“I believe this school prepared me for high school academically and boosted my confidence. It prepared me academically by challenging me to strive for success and informing me on what lied ahead for high school by giving me an idea of how it would be. It also boosted my confidence through frequent public speaking events such as reading announcements in the morning or being the lead in the play “Aladdin”. It also helped me through positive encouragement from teachers and in addition a personal approach for each student. I now have an interest in all sciences so I might consider going into criminal forensics or becoming an anesthesiologist.”

Isaac Smith


“I am proud to be a St Peters, now The Bridges Academy, graduate. I transferred to this school in the 5th grade and those years couldn’t have been spent any better. The teachers here are so wonderful and I will remember them for life. There are great programs and after-school activities that keep you healthy, educated, and athletic. The program that I found very useful was called “Perch”. In Perch we created a small robotic submarine made out of PVC pipes, batteries and wires. Then we tested them and raced them in a college swimming pool. That experience led me to the career that I want to be in, in a couple of years, which is engineering and computer programming. I believe this school has given me the foundation to succeed in life.”

Michael DeNapoli


“I attended St. Peters, now The Bridges Academy, from Kindergarten through 8th grade. This school prepared me for the challenges of high school by providing advanced academic opportunities to learn, in addition to fostering strong character principles, in a very caring environment thanks to my teachers at Bridges, and I sincerely thank them for that. I was happy to come to this school every day, it was like a family to me here and I had a great time, especially when we went to Boston and Costa Rica and zip lined through the rain forest. I have friendships that will last a life time. In the future, I intend to pursue a career in engineering and computer technology.”

Margaret Nelan


I attended St. Peter’s (now Bridges) for six years. It was one if the best experiences of my life. The friends I made I now call my family. One of the best things about Bridges is that the teachers provide one on one attention. They didn’t just make sure we understood the lessons but they made sure it was mastered by each student. Unlike many other schools Bridges is a place where students are comfortable to strive to be at the top. Bridges has helped me with talking in front of crowds. I am currently the lead in my school play. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was to leave Bridges because I liked it so much."

John Risbergs


John has been accepted and intends to attend Yale University in the Fall of 2013. Additionally, he has been accepted to Harvard University.