Our School's PA

Did you know EVERY PARENT is a member of the Parents’ Association?

Did you know that EVERY EVENT relies virtually on the support of our parent volunteers?

Donating your time and talent to the many wonderful events throughout the year is a great way to use your talents, make new friends and build our school's community. Parent volunteers are always needed and appreciated. The Parent Associations' goal is to support, promote, and strengthen the school community through our shared efforts.



Get to Know the Bridges Family

Come out and get involved with of one of our many amazing school events.  All of our events are created and run by our wonderful PA and volunteers like you.  These fantastic events help raise funds for our varied programs and unique academic experiences that make Bridges so special.


*Pricing, itineraries, and further details will be available in the fall and will be contingent upon further state health and safety guidance.

Little Bridges: Extended-Year Summer Program


We're proud to announce a summer program just for our rising Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten students! The program will focus on academics, the theme of the week, and lots of summer fun! Space is limited. 

Ashokan Outdoor Educational Trip

October 18-19

School trip for 'Bridge' students in grades 4 & 5 at Ashokan where investigations of their ponds, creeks, and forests inspire deeper conceptual learning embedded in the NYS Science Learning Standards. 

Sea Camp

December 10-12

A marine science trip open to students in grades 5-9 In Big Pine Key, Florida. Included field study: labs, wading, kayaking, and boat trips. Boat trips take place on our triple-hull flattop boats and are snorkeling based.  Over 400 types of fish, coral, and algae found in our ecologically diverse waters provide opportunities for study.

Jimney Peak, Ski Trip

February 5 | March 5

Open to students in grades 4-8

Trip to Boston

April 12-13

Open to students in grades 6-8