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Commitment & Collaboration

What is the Parents’ Association?

Did you know that EVERY PARENT is a member of the Parents’ Association?

Did you know that EVERY EVENT relies virtually on the support of our parent volunteers?


The Parents’ Association (“The PA”) mission is to help foster the academic and cultural environment of The Bridges Academy students.  The PA organizes a series of student-centered events to help enrich the students’ education while having fun including assemblies, special speakers, field trips and sporting days.  We also host events throughout the year where parents have the opportunity meet each other and mingle while fundraising to support the school.  The PA funds raised each school year are an essential part of the school budget.  In the past, The PA has funded new curriculum material, technology, facility upgrades, school supplies, as well as other exciting projects for the students.  The parents working together at The PA events creates a sense of community among the faculty, staff, families, and students. The Bridges Academy and The PA welcome the involvement of EVERY parent in our school.

Ways to Volunteer

Chair/Organize an Event

Become a Class Parent

Provide Support for an Event

Donate Your Talents and Time

2021-22 Open PA Meeting Dates

2021-22 Parents’ Association Board Members

Co-Presidents - Amie Reinhardt (children in 1st, 4th, 6th)

& Michelle Stieglitz (children in ECC,1st)

Treasurer - Jane Gardner (children in ECC, 1st, 4th, 6th)

Secretary- Amy Chinitz (children K, 1st, 3rd)

ECC Class Parent Directors - Elli Krempa (child in ECC)

Kerry Sluker (child in ECC) and Amanda Trivedi (children in K, ECC)

K-3 Class Parent Director - Michelle Steinhauser (children in ECC, 1st)

Bridge Program Class Parent Director (Gr 4-5) - Annette Gilligan (children in 4th, 6th)

Middle School Class Parent Director (Gr 6-8) - Tracey Wagner (children in 7th)

Hospitality Directors - Jessica Simone (child in 6th) & Kristen Smith (children in 4th, 6th)

Community Relations Director - Dannielle Cumberbatch (children in 1st, 4th)

Fundraising Director - Ingrid Marmol (children in 2nd, 4th)

Event Highlights

Here are some of this years most anticipated PA sponsored events. If you have an idea for a unique event we'd love to hear from you!

Boo Bash (October)

Book Fair (November)

Holiday Shoppe (December)

Pasta Night (January)

Spring Gala (April)

Field Day (June)

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