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The Bridges Academy inspires and empowers our students by developing character, confidence, and knowledge.


Our Vision

The Bridges Academy is a community of thriving and

well-balanced students who are high-achieving critical and creative
thinkers. With our evolving rigorous and engaging program, we
foster a sense of belonging and create the foundation for a
lifelong love of learning. While celebrating our diverse community
of families, students, faculty, and alumni, we focus on building
character, confidence, and knowledge.

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Character Development

At Bridges we embrace the highest ideals in the character of a person including: integrity, respect, kindness, mindfulness, graciousness, and openness.  We create an environment where all individuals are valued.


Leadership Development

At Bridges we foster and model opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.

We create leaders who are strong and decisive yet empathetic, open-minded, and dedicated to the greater good.


Confidence and Balance

At Bridges we recognize and value different intelligences including IQ and EQ (Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence) along with mindfulness and self-awareness.

We encourage all students to think independently, to respect others’ ideas, and to be accountable and responsible all in an effort to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We foster academic, artistic, and athletic abilities in an effort to develop confident and well-rounded students.


Knowledge Development

At Bridges we instill a love of learning through enriching and challenging academic programs, with a curriculum that focuses on academic excellence and far exceeds NY State Standards.

We offer innovative programs in foreign language, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, and Mathematics), and the humanities along with dynamic supplemental learning opportunities.  We offer opportunities for our students to travel outside of the school as a means of experiencing other places and cultures.


Innovative Learning

At Bridges we strive to develop the skills that our students need to be leaders in a changing world.  We provide a curriculum that allows for the fullest expression of individual creativity.

At Bridges we create a culture where mistakes are expected, celebrated, and learned from.

We bring an innovative approach to learning through the use of technology and a variety of teaching methodologies.  We foster the true innovation that comes with combining the mind of a scientist or technologist with that of an artist or designer.


Our Community

Our school celebrates our diversity and welcomes differing views and opinions.  We value the input and participation of our families, faculty, alumni and students which helps create our healthy and happy community.


Our Core Values

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