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In school Activities include:

Student Council
Honor Society 6th-8th
History Bee 5th-8th
Geography Bee 5th-8th
Drama Club 
Chorus – Lower and Middle School
Band – Lower and Middle School

Environmental Club

Check our school's calendar for club and activities times. 


Clubs and activities give our students the opportunity to explore subjects and activities outside the core curriculum.  It is also a wonderful chance to learn more and socialize with peers.


Lower School and Bridge Program

Acting Club
Beyblade Club
Chess Club
Coding Club
Imagination Fun in the Sun Club
Piano/Keyboard Club
Lego Club
Puzzle Club
No Bake Club
Community Outreach 

Middle School

Acting Club
Beyblade Club
Chess Club

Model Congress
CSHEE Prep - Catholic High School Entrance Exam Prep class
Newspaper Club
Art Club
Crochet Club
Recycling Club
Community Outreach

Interscholastic Soccer

Interscholastic Basketball

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