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  • Stephen Rubenacker

The Importance of Diversity in Childhood Education

Our world seems smaller and smaller, not only because of the technological advances that keep the globe virtually connected, but also because our communities are becoming increasingly diverse, bringing cultures together. And yet, in many schools, the classrooms don’t accurately reflect the world in which we live.

At Bridges Academy, we believe diversity and cultural awareness in schools is more important than ever, so we’re incredibly proud of our diverse student body.

Centrally located, our school draws from 26 school districts across Long Island, and we strive to make the Bridges Academy an option for all through affordable tuition and financial aid. Here are just a few of the benefits of a diverse environment for students (that remain with them into adulthood).

It Fosters Empathy and Inclusion

One of the greatest attributes a person can have is the ability to interpret experiences and perspectives outside of their own. Being surrounded by classmates with a diverse set of values and beliefs helps students see life from a different viewpoint and better understand the experiences of others. This, in turn, will make them become more supportive and empathetic and will prevent them from developing prejudices later in life.

It Makes Them More Open-Minded

Children are inherently more objective and tolerant. Exposing students to a diverse range of opinions and backgrounds in the classroom helps open them up to new ideas, experiences, and ways of doing things.

It Builds Their Self-Confidence

Confidence is communal. When a student accepts and embraces the differences of their classmates, it doesn’t simply boost the self-image of others; it builds the student’s confidence to accept him- or herself as well. Also, as children become more comfortable interacting in a wide range of social groups, they develop a deeper sense of safety and self-confidence that will make them more at ease interacting with others as adults.

It Prepares Them for the Global Workforce

With the rise of globalization, the need for students to be able to interact and engage with others, to value diverse opinions and cultures, and to understand how events across the world are interconnected has become more important than ever. Exposure to cultural diversity in the classroom prepares children to flourish in college, the workforce, and the world.

At Bridges, we believe diversity enriches thinking, encourages collaboration, and strengthens our community. If you are a Long Island parent looking to bring a culturally rich K-8 experience to your child, contact The Bridges Academy today. We’re a member of the New York State Association of Independent Schools and offer a wide variety of experiences that appeal to all types of learners from every background.

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